The Next Generation Currency

Bitcoin inspired. Mochimo perfected.

Early Release! The MainNet is

Genesis Block Mined: 23:40 UTC on 06/25/18

What is Mochimo?

A complete reimplementation of blockchain.

Quantum Proof

Future-proofed and Privacy Enabled

In 3-5 years, Quantum Computing is poised to break ECDSA encryption leaving BTC, ETH and all ERC-20 tokens unsafe for transactions and as a store of value. Mochimo uses the EU’s PQCryptos approved WOTS+ algorithm and our one time addressing feature to secure privacy when you want it.

Scalable and Fast

Scalability solved

We have solved network scalability issues permanently. Our blocks stay small while substantially increasing TX speed using ChainCrunch™, our proprietary algorithm. Users can set up a full working node in minutes that compresses the blockchain into a small % of the historical block chain.

Decentralized and Fair

Stays Decentralized

Trigg’s Algorithm ensures fixed mining difficulty, random node selection, fixed TX fees, and a AI-enhanced load balancer that writes a unique “haiku” for every block. Can you Beat Emerson?

Understanding the Mochimo Innovation

Mochimo was built with developers in mind to ensure that the currency can be continued to be developed for years to come

Trigg's Algorithm​

Fair mining, low TX costs
A unique proof-of-work algorithm that produces poetry to solve blocks and is ASIC-resistant.

ChainCrunch™ Technology

Tiny, fast, licensable
Other blockchains' sizes are growing exponentially and will soon reach 1 TB in storage. Mochimo uses a proprietary compression algorithm called ChainCrunch™ that keeps the size of the block to only a few GB and will never get larger.

The Three Way Handshake​

Using ACKS for security
The Three-Way Handshake provides fast, simple and disposable security by collecting ACKs via message
three times.

High Level Roadmap

Q1 2019

Exchange Listing
Android Wallet Release
All Bounties Paid Out

Q1 2019
Q4 2018

Legal Opinions Letters from Ketsal, Duane Morris Pending
Updated GUI Wallet Release Pending
Third Party Security Audit Pending
AML/KYC Vendor Partnership Completed
SEC Regulatory Review Completed
MCM Engine V2 Completed (Block 17185!)

Q4 2018
Q3 2018

Backend API Completed
MainNet Launched June 25, 2017!
The Mojo GUI Wallet Launch
Github Repository Release

Q3 2018
Q2 2018 Jun 25

MainNet Launched June 25th!
The Mojo GUI Wallet Launch
Github Repository Release

Q2 2018 Jun 25
June 25th, 2018

MainNet Launched!
MVP GUI Block Explorer Launched!

June 25th, 2018
Q2 2018

MVP GUI Block Explorer Launched!
Beta Mining Instructions/Code Release Beta Mining Launch & Support Weekend Command Line Wallet Release
Rebranded Website Launch
Public White Paper Release
Datacenter Buildout Completed

Q2 2018
Q1 2018

Code Audit by Quantum Expert, Andreas Hulsing, Ph.D, creator of the WOTS+ Algorithm TestNet Online
White Paper First Draft
First website & Social Presence DevNet Online

Q1 2018
Q4 2017

Command Line Wallet Created Trigg’s Algorithm Completed Emerson’s AI v4 Born MCM Engine V1 Completed Matt Zweil and Trigg Begin Coding the ChainCrunch™ Protocol Dev Team Recruited
First website & Social Presence
DevNet Online
Data Center Built

Q4 2017
Q3 2017 Sep

Mochimo Design Tenets Are Solidified Coding Begins

Q3 2017 Sep
Q3 2017 Jul

Mochimo tenets are solidified
Coding begins

Q3 2017 Jul

The Team

Core Contributors

Mochimo is comprised of industry leaders in the fields of computer networking, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, cryptography and software engineering.  Though the majority of us wish to remain anonymous, you can see some of our key contributors.

Are you an expert blockchain developer?

Individuals with extensive prior experience with cryptocurrency development will be considered for inclusion on the Dev Team, please contact support with your inquiries.  We are not otherwise hiring at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much MCM will be mined on the Mochimo Blockchain?

Maximum Supply: 76,533,882
Mineable Coins: 71,776,816 (93.8%)
Mining Algorithm: Trigg’s Algorithm – PoW
Difficulty Adjustment: Every Block
Target Block Time: 337.5 Seconds
Genesis Block: June 25th, 2018
Network TX Fee: .0000005 MCM (fixed)
Starting reward: 5.0 MCM / Block
Per Block Reward Increment (through Block 373,760 4 Years: .00015 MCM
Max Reward (Block 373,760): 59.17 MCM
Per Block Reward Decrement (through Block 2,097,152 22 Years): .000028488 MCM
Final reward (Block 2,097,153): 5 MCM
Total Mining Duration: ~22 years

Premine Details:

Total Premine: 6.34% (4.76M MCM)
Dev Team Compensation Premine: 4.18% (3.2M MCM)
Other Premine (Matt Zweil’s Discretion): 2.16% (1.56M MCM)

Genesis Block: June 25th, 2018

What are the allocations for Mochimo since there is no ICO?

As part of the changes to our distribution plan, the total premined coins has increased from 4,000,000 coins to 4,757,066. That increased value will be held by Matt Zweil, who will use those coins in part to generate liquidity for the early coin launch and exchange listings, and also to replace the lost marketing and early adoption value that was to be provided by the Bitcoin Airdrop (which was cancelled due to regulatory concerns). The pool of premined coins allocated to the Dev Team as compensation remains unchanged at 3.2 Million $MCM.

The breakdown of the initial distribution of MCM is as follows:

Mining: ~71.8 Million MCM  are available for mining enthusiasts for the entire lifetime of the coin’s mining phase. That means you’re not going to get kicked off just as the going gets good.  Anyone with a computer can mine Mochimo.

Mochimo Development Team: 3.2 Million MCM.  As the Mochimo Dev Team has spent a couple of years creating a cryptocurrency platform that solves almost every major issue with Bitcoin to date, they are collecting a fee in MCM for that work. The fee equals 4.18% of the available coins on the network. The only value any member of the Mochimo Development Team receives is based on the long-term valuation of our cryptocurrency and the disruptive tech that powers it. Simply put, we believe in it.

Other Premine: 1.56 Million MCM will be set aside to be managed by Matt Zweil for marketing costs, bounties, and ongoing support of the network.

What is the difference between Mochimo and Adequate Systems?

The intellectual property (IP) behind the Mochimo Cryptocurrency Engine and Mochimo coin is owned by Adequate Systems, LLC, a blockchain-as-a-service company established by Mochimo’s Founder and Lead Architect.

Adequate Systems retains the right to license the various technologies in part or in whole to others who have need or interest in implementing our [insert your favorite buzzword]  technology.

  1. The Mochimo token and blockchain is the flagship product of Adequate Systems, LLC, the software company that created the cryptocurrency engine.
  2. Any additional feature Adequate Systems builds will be immediately added as an option to Mochimo.
  3. The Mochimo Cryptocurrency Engine is a collection of flexible protocols that can be used as the basis for the creation of fast, scalable blockchain-based services.
  4. Various modules can be introduced on Mochimo to support either private or public chains and these features will then be available to any currency or blockchain based on the Mochimo Cryptocurrency Engine.

Will there be an ICO or other investment opportunity for Mochimo?

No, Mochimo is well beyond the need for an ICO. ICOs are typically a way to float ideas to the community and provide funding toward developing a dream. Mochimo is a fully formed and functional product; we are beyond dreaming and we are busy delivering. Our functioning transaction network is delivering extremely fast, secure, and private transactions right now.

The easiest thing, of course, is to set up a node on your laptop and mine it.

Do you have a wallet?

Yes, a command-line wallet is included in the mining software distribution. It will be available to those who signed up for Beta Testing on Saturday, May 12th.  We are presently building “Mojo” the PC GUI wallet right now.  In addition to those two wallets, our road map includes a Mac wallet, which will incorporate one-click mining. To preview our wallet design and functionality, download the PDF here.

Can the Mochimo Development Team sell their MCM at will?

Of course not. The Dev Team may not sell any MCM at all prior to Jan 1st, 2019. Afterwards, each member of the Mochimo Dev team will only receive 5% of their holdings per month. As part of their participation on the Dev Team, each member has agreed to publish their intent to sell and quantity to be sold on the homepage with 30 days notice.

How did you quantum proof the ledger, anyhow?

We checked out the algorithms that were peer reviewed and acknowledged by the EU backed Quantum Research group PQCRYPTO and chose the WOTS+ algorithm.   We then wrote and vetted our quantum code with the algorithm’s originator: Andreas Hülsing. The penalty of adopting quantum signatures is their size, but we’ve already solved that problem with our ChainCrunch™ technology.

How long does it take to set up a Mochimo mining node?

This will be available for testing on and to the general public at launch and on May 12th was available for Beta Testers. So how long does it take? A minute or two. Seriously. That includes downloading the blockchain which will only take up 2GB on your machine. Yes, our blocks are that compact and you only need to maintain the equivalent of two days worth of blockchain thanks to our ChainCrunch™ technology.

Will Mochimo be Pre-mined?

Very minimally.  The Mochimo Dev Team has created a cryptocurrency that solves almost every major issue with Bitcoin to date, so yes, they are collecting a fee (in MCM) for that work.  That fee is relatively small as pre-mines go.

Where do I store my MCM?

Beta testers will be able to use the command line wallet after May 12th. The general public will have access to the MainNet wallet.

What was included in the Main net release on June 25th?

The public github repository will go live. The Command line wallet will be ready for miners. The block explorer can be found here.

Why can’t I check out your Github?

While we love open source and community scrutiny, the release of the code depends on a number of IP protections that are still in process.  We expect to be able to release the code to the beta testing community on May 12th, 2018, and to the general public shortly after launch.

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