ADQ is a software and systems architecture firm focused on bringing disruptive and practical blockchain solutions to market.   As leaders in the blockchain development space, ADQ holds patents for many novel and innovative approaches to blockchain implementation. 
We work with multiple industries, from transportation, logistics, legal, medical, supply-chain, banking, and more, to help our clients leverage the power and value that blockchain offers.
With over 30 years of technical experience, ADQ has a history of conceiving and delivering the impossible with pure, elegant innovative blockchain solutions.
ADQ was the driving force behind the Mochimo cryptocurrency which made history as the first blockchain-based, quantum-resistant, cryptocurrency.  Mochimo is an open-source, fully decentralized global phenomenon in the crypto space.  It includes many needed and desirable innovations in blockchain technology such as, massive speed improvements, ASIC-resistant proof of work (POW), a patented solution to runaway blockchain growth, and first-of-its-kind solution to larger addresses in post-quantum cryptography. 
Simply put, our blockchain tech is second to none.
If you have a problem or challenge you need to solve and you want to explore whether blockchain might offer a solution for your business, we would love to discuss it with you. 
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